As guests enter the depot, they are greeted by a photo of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison as they visited the area by train in 1921.


The first train station in Florence was built at the foot of Court Street near the Tennessee River.  However, after a fire in 1906 completely destroyed this depot, the Southern Railroad built a combination freight and passenger station in East Florence.

This added the second passenger and freight depot to the area and established Sweetwater as the rail center in the city. ¬†It has been said that every East Florence industry was served by the depot and that it was one of East Florence’s busiest places.

Hopefully, as a beautifully restored and modernized facility, the Historic Sweetwater Depot will once again be at the center of activities in the Shoals.


A train bell (circa 1906) from the L&N Line which served the Sweetwater Depot hangs by the bar.